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L2P General Rules

Level 4 - Punishment - Permanent Ban/IP Ban
Item duplication or attempting to duplicate items.
Password scamming
Repeated or non-accidental Bug Abuse
PK point cheating
Staff Impersonation
Selling/trading RuneScape accounts/items/membership for L2P items
Selling/trading/sharing L2P accounts
Selling L2P items for real money
Flaming an administrator

Level 3 - Punishment - 24+Hour Jail/IP Mute
Item scamming

Level 2 - Punishment - 6+Hour Jail/Mute
Excessive spamming
Excessive flaming
Welfare gear at 100+ combat

Level 1 - Punishment - 1+Hour(s) Jail/Mute
Excessive flaming/spamming
Moderator/SS harassment
Asking moderators/admins for items
1 Iteming/no iteming (no exceptions)

Wilderness Rules1 Hour Jail:
TBing and levering at mage bank
Disobeying FFA rules - 1 hour jail + Items returned.
Looting someone else's kill - 1 hour jail + Items returned.
Constantly ruining peoples events - Ban

When a moderator/admin pms you, there will be a crown. There will not be a text such as "[ADMIN]" or "[MOD]". Report these people, they are impersonating staff and will be banned. Hacked accounts will not be recovered for you. We will only ban the hacker.

Accidental Deaths
If you see someone die in non wild and you get their items you do not have to give them back, but its a nice thing to do.

Punisment Lenghts
The punishment type/length listed above is just a guide and moderators/admins may choose to apply a punishment of their choice which may be more or less severe than the listed punishment above. This is just the average, and there are many exceptions.

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